The Dark Shelf up and running!

Greetings! This blog has been created to simply interest and supply interested readers with news and stories of the mysterious, occult, paranormal, strange, bizarre, unexplained… and so on and so forth. It will also serve as a fun way to share information and springboard into possible discussion. Lastly, it will serve as a way to archive strange phenomina for you and yours to sift through on windy nights, or when you alone sit in your deep armchair on a drafty, moonlit evening…


6 Responses to “The Dark Shelf up and running!”

  1. spooky! i can’t wait to read more, but i should probably wait for you to come home first, lest i get too afraid while i’m here by myself!

    • thedarkshelf Says:

      Yeah! I was hoping you could show me around on wordpress; it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and all of these new features seem awesome.

      • my favourite is “stats” in the drop box under “my account” in the top left. there you can see how many views you have, where the viewers are finding you (if it was through a link), & which of the links you post they click on. it’s fantastic!

        i also like how easy they make it for you to post links & photos! & sometimes they have pretty interesting related pages, too! you’ll love it.

      • thedarkshelf Says:

        ha! I still enter links manually in HTML, i didn’t know how to really use the instant link generator.

  2. The Dark Shelf Says:

    it’s awesome! just highlight the text that you want to link (you can make photos links, too, i think), then click the link bar & insert the info! you can even choose to have it open in a new window or the same one!

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