Are Gnomes Afoot in South America and Spain?

bringing you a fresh batch of nightmares!

bringing you a fresh batch of nightmares!

Gnomes! Just the word alone conjures up images of jolly and portly old men in red pointed caps, collecting mushrooms and hiding in the hallow trees. Or maybe one thinks of the warm and comical Traveling Gnome? Throughout the world, they are known by several names: elementals, faeries, earth spirits, el duende… and a myriad of others. Here in North America, our fascination for them seems to really manifest as resin sculptures in our gardens. Interestingly enough, there are places on our earth in which these legendary beings seem terrifyingly more real. The funny and strange thing is that the beings people are seeing are actually not dissimilar to the fantastic description of the classic “gnome”. There have been quite a few media interests in the subject for the past 20 years or so, yet only recently have a small flood of sightings appeared, gaining popularity mainly through the internet. If you have a look for yourself around video sites such as Youtube, one could find themselves scratching their head and on their knees peering under couches and tables of their own home. Let’s go over a few highlights of weird gnome sightings of the past 20 years!

September of 1989, Gerona, Catalonia, Spain

This is a strange case indeed, seeing as I never hear of its reference (when it could be the most conclusive evidence to the existence of these beings.) Also, you might never see a photo relating to this story, and I can’t really explain why. The basic gist of the story is that in September of 1989, a group of campers were walking on a road near a forest when they could hear the sound of some kind of quiet moan-like noises. When they looked to the direction of the sound, they had spotted some kind of tiny being that had immediately tried to flee while giving off “a kind of squeak similar to an old man’s laughter”. Throwing a blanket over it to catch it, the being then survived anywhere from 24 hours to 4 days after capture (reports unclear). I gather that it’s cause of death was refusal of food of all kinds offered to it. The body was preserved in a jar and is now kept in the home of a spanish parapsychologist.

The Creepy Argentinian Gnome of 2007-08

You might remember this, I believe that it made the local news here in my corner of the country. I can remember showing some friends of mine the viral video, and nobody really seemed to think it was that convincing. Now, maybe I just really would like to believe in its authenticity, but I was pretty creeped out. I think the idea of this video is that a group of teens were out and about on a street in their town, late at night. One of them could hear the sounds of small stones being tossed towards them, which caused them to glance over and see this. A while later, another similar video surfaced; one less convincing but bizarre to look at nonetheless. You can find that video here. Like I’ve said, it really isn’t as good, but it is still worth watching.

Want even more very strange and controversial video clips of gnome-like beings scaring the daylight out of unwitting teens? Their authenticity remains for you to decide…

In my opinion, the screams they make at the sight of these duendes seems too authentic for any hoax to induce. If anything, the screams are real.


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