Wolves in the Night!

Does the presidents plan for health reform cover lycanthropy?

Does the president's plan for health reform cover lycanthropy?

Now, I’m really not the type to be caught up in the current fascination of vampires and werewolves in recent pop culture, but I absolutely had to bend an ear when I’d heard this. Reports of strange happenings have been appearing for years in the Michigan woodlands and surrounding areas. It seems to be true that many can agree with each other about the phenomenal things appearing and then so quickly disappearing. Dog men, or man dogs, or man wolves, or even werewolves if you’re feeling traditional; the sightings are being called many names. This has to be one of my favorite topics because the testimonials seem to be so accessible and fantastically convincing. Theories and explanations are running rampant. In a podcast I subscribe to, Supernatural Existence, the host, Byron Sanchez, interviews author of The Beast of Bray Road (among other titles)  Linda Godfrey. Her knowledge and  information on the topic is astounding, and the implications are truly creepy. I strongly recommend a listen to the latest show (as well as the rest of the shows… they’re free!) if you have an interest in the possible explanations and folk stories mentioned within. Here is another resource if you want more information about the Legend of Michigan’s Dogman. Be it a clever hoax? A species of wolf? A shapeshifter? Perhaps a bit of Native American lore, stepping out of legend and into the light of the moon? I suppose that will be for you and your research to decide. One thing seems to be clear: drive by sundown at the latest, if you plan on passing through Michigan.

So, on a side note, I’m pleased to say that I feel that this blog, though young and under-developed, is going quite smoothly, and most importantly, fun. I know that I have no reader base currently, but I feel like once the archive is bolstered (and my writing, diction and content quality improve), new readers will find themselves in the back of the dusty library that is the internet, their lanterns dimly illuminating their way, and their eyes falling onto… the dark shelf.


One Response to “Wolves in the Night!”

  1. Fantastic, my dear! Remember that episode of the show I’ve forever deemed “Scaries”? What WAS that show? Why don’t we watch it before bed anymore?

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