Black Stick Man: Stranger Still

good morning, hes been watching you all night.

good morning, he's been watching you all night.

What a horrible night to have a curse… or to draw any stick figures. I’m sure after learning of this strange phenomenon, you’ll think twice about playing hangman, or really anything of the sort. Oh! Speaking of curses, on an unrelated note, I would like to have a rather large story/article/entry/what have you in the coming weeks regarding local and well-known curses, and the mythology surrounding them. This summer’s end/autumn’s start, for some strange reason, has encouraged me to dig up good and intriguing info/legends about that sort of thing. Still, I digress… have you ever heard of something known as a Black Stick Man, or Black Stick Men if with company? I had not until just recently stumbling across a few (and I do mean a few, a very few… almost not enough to be substantially believable) frightening experiences surrounding this incredibly bizarre figure. I suppose that this Black Stick Man is just as his name implies… an almost two-dimensional, black-lined, round headed… well, moving stick-man. But mind you, not so much a  well-meaning  stick-man. Based on reports, it seems to differ from what may first come to mind, which is shadow people (a totally seperate and nigh-stranger phenomenon). I’d almost venture to say that it may be something extra-terrestrial, or extra-dimensional… as opposed to something more of a ghost.

I had first found out about them on a top-ten list of strange things. If you’d rather not skip through the list to spot #3, where the Black Stick Man resides, here is the text description listed:

“The black stick man is another entity encountered in modern times. Not to be confused with the shadow man, incredibly he is even stranger. Stick men are supposed to look like totally black, thin, stick figure drawings, such as teachers would make in kindergarten. They have been reported as between average height to impossibly tall. Their heads are just a black circle with no facial features being discernible. They are totally two dimensional, without any depth. Usually they’ve been sighted walking along roads at night, or at transitional times such as twilight or just before dawn. Bizarrely, some have reported them wearing what appears to be a top hat. Their walk is described as a weird “lolloping” gait. They are surprised when actually seen, and have followed unfortunate witnesses on occasion. Their pace remains leisurely as they approach. Obviously to be pursued by such an otherworldly creature would be anything but pleasant, and those who have encountered them have been understandably terrified. So far however, apart from being bizarrely frightening, they have done no physical harm, and ultimately just disappear.”

However, the best story thusfar that I had read about this strange stick man/alienesque creature can be found here. The author sounds pretty sincere with his experience in London.

After reading this description, I was immidiately recalling a video I had seen a few months back… you can watch it here. Doesn’t it conjure images of The Blair Witch Project? It very well could be a stump… and for the sake of this entry on The Dark Shelf, I probably wouldn’t call this video’s subject a “Black Stick Man”… but it might be close. Besides, what type of entry would this be without leaving you, reader, with some sort of image to haunt you… or annoy you?


One Response to “Black Stick Man: Stranger Still”

  1. I can’t watch the video until you get home! You know me, I’ll be so scared!

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